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Astana Shchuchinsk

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Restaurant “Astana Nury” is conveniently located near the river in the heart of the capital, and from the summer terrace of the restaurant you can see, perhaps, the most beautiful views of the embankment!

You can enjoy Caucasian and European kitchen, the menu of more than 150 different dishes, which SHASHLYK reigns - the crown of Caucasian cuisine, we have more than 45 kinds! We do not pickle meat for barbecue, it is always fresh that is why we have the best shashlyk all around the city!

All dishes are prepared in compliance with national and centuries-old Eastern traditions. The restaurant itself is composed of two halls, each has its own unique atmosphere. We combine Asian hospitality with European service.

The restaurant offers the lunch with 20% discount for all food menu during the week from 12 to 16 hours.

All dishes are prepared under strict supervision of the chef-cook are served with generosity of Caucasian and European elegance - wonderful salad “Baku” made of fleshy vegetables, caviar made of eggplant roasted on the coals, subtle “Kutaby”, “Khachapuri” made of flaky pastry, soup “Dovga” on based on Caucasian milk, “Dyushbara” with tiny dumplings, pilaw, “Pity” (it is simmered, not less than six hours) or “Bozbash” necesserily in pots, nourishing red borscht, rich “Kebabs”, sturgeon from the Caspian sea, river fish and seafood, all kinds of snacks, salads and at the end of the repast - desserts, delicious “Tiramissu”, flavor “Baklava” and, certainly, tea brewed with thyme ... You name it ...

The restaurant “Astana Nury” also offers take-out orders, almost all of the dishes within its menu are available. Delivery service is not practiced.

Our life, work and leisure are information and constant movement. Constant communication, mobility, need to stay in touch are the inherent attributes of the modern world. Restaurant “Astana Nury” have access to Wi-Fi, which means that the Internet is available to you, even during lunch and dinner.

Eastern people say:
A hungry Guest is an angry guest. A full guest is a kind one.

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Every evening creative duet of Madina Mukhamedzhanova and Erken Kenebayev makes performances for you in the large hall of the restaurant.